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Customized design services for your home. Layout from scratch, redesign and organizing to create the space you dream of having.


Assistance with creating highly functional and attractive work places and business environments.

For those of you who need more, I also offer photo retouching and archiving and other computer graphics design services.


by Helena Tiainen

This is a room that needs art on the walls. I have designed the color scheme in this room and in the following photos will demonstrate different artworks by me that would work well in this space. I am using my own art here as not to violate anyone's copyrights, but I can make similar designs with any artist's work that would be considered for any space, as long as a photo of the room with the wall for art is available. This is a great way to figure out the right art for any space.

Here above are more options from The Joy of Design Mandala Series Puzzles by Helena Tiainen. Nearly endless variations are possible based on the likes of the home owner/renter/business owner. The mood that is created by the selected art is what defines the final choices. Whether one desires a dramatic air or a room that feels like a sanctuary, anything is possible with the right art.


List of Services:




Mixed Media

Digital Art



Everything from creating original art to digitally retouching damaged photos and creating customized art and designs.


Interior Design:

Your entire house, space or any room. Or simply adding creative touches and eyecatching details to your environment or decorating for holidays or special occasions.

Designing layout from scratch or using available furniture and items or combining the old with the new.

Redesigning any space with what you already have.

Color consulting and style referrals.

Locating items from furniture to art.

Placing and hanging art.

My focus is on re-purposing suitable items and finding very good deals but I always cater to the needs and wants of my clientele.


Professional Organizing:

Organizing files and papers and items.

Documentation of collections, i.e. art.

Creating attractive and highly functional storage systems.

Scanning or photographing and archiving photographs and other precious or important documents and memorabilia.

Time management and prioritizing for busy people.

Helping clientele figure out what to keep and how to recycle unwanted items.

Contacting contractors for tasks and providing supervision.

Research and referrals.

Organizing events, including art fairs. Curating exhibits.

It is my intention to make your life easier and save you precious time.

Do you have a project not listed above? Contact me by clicking on the link below or call 510.548.3914 and let us discuss it. Thank you!